August 2014 Update

  I hope you had a fantastic summer. We sure did. It was full of gigs, camping, biking, and touring. I don't mean we did those things together, well some of them....

  We'll be playing two pretty cool gigs in September, and one really cool gig in October. More on that later, and on the recording,,,,,,,

   September 9th we'll be playing our regular slot at House of Jazz. If you haven't been to see us yet, then that's a good place to start. It's a very nice place to hangout, good food, and great music ;-).

  September 16th we'll be playing our first gig at the new House of Jazz in Laval. It's opening on September 6th, with a staff party/jam session on the 8th (I think that's closed to the public). Come check us out at either place, or both.

House of Jazz Laval address:

1639 boulevard de L’Avenir
Laval, QC, Canada
H7S 2N5

  Want to know about the really cool gig in October? Okay, we'll we've been talking about it since June 9th when the first concert took place. We're pretty excited to have booked another Charlie Haden tribute concert at Café Resonance on Wednesday, October 22nd. We'll be playing some new arrangements of Charlie Haden tunes, as well as some of the same ones as before. As you may know, Charlie Haden sadly passed away this past July, so we want to hold another concert in his honour. The lineup has been confirmed but will be announced as the day gets closer.

   We also recorded the last Charlie Haden concert, and the final mixes are currently being done. We'll post a link to check them out soon.

  Speaking of recording. We're happy to announce that we'll be heading into the studio very soon to record our first album. It will be a 5 song EP and will feature all original compositions by different members of the band. Pretty soon we'll be starting a campaign where you can pre-order the cd to help us with the cost of making the album. The two main benefits of pre-ordering are that #1 - The money will be put directly into the recording process, thus you will receive a better quality recording. #2 - The cost of a cd if you pre-order will be cheaper. The recording will be made here in Montreal, but we'll ship anywhere.

   Thanks for your interest, thank for listening, goodbye for now.   

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