October musings (part 2)

This month will probably go down as one of the busiest months of my entire life. As usual, October is passing by unusually quickly. I've noticed since the age 11 that, out of all the months, October passes by the most quickly. I don't know why, but it happens every year.

#1 - First off, we had a great show last Thursday at House of Jazz. People were dancing in the aisles! Our next House of Jazz show is on Tuesday, October 21st at 7:30pm. Come see us play!

#2 - If you can't make that show then stop by Cafe Resonance the very next night to see us pay homage to the great jazz bassist Charlie Haden, who sadly passed away this past June. We've got a great band lined up for that one.

Al McLean - alto sax
Dalhi Gonthier - tenor sax
Alex Truelove - trombone & bass trumpet
Taylor Donaldson - trombone
Gary Schwartz - guitar
Julien Sandiford - acoustic guitar
Fraser Hollins - bass
Brandon Goodwin - drums

#3 - On November 1st we'll be heading into the studio to record our first album. We are very excited about this, as it will be the first representation of this group, other than live recordings. We will be preparing about 8 tunes, and then will narrow it down to 5 or 6.

   The album will be partially funded through FACTOR, who gave us a small grant to help us with the recording and duplication costs. But recording is a very expensive endeavor, the grant doesn't even cover half of the total costs. So to help us with the rest of the costs we'll be launching an Indiegogo campaign to help us raise the funds needed to release the cd.

  To help us to do this is very easy, you just have to pre-order our cd! Doing this through the Indiegogo campaign will help us to keep track of our progress. It will be really fun. We'll have a promo video of us laying it down in the studio, and we might even release the album artwork (done by the incredibly talented Deepti Suddul) before we release the album.

  That's all for now, check back very soon for more updates!


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