Album Launch and Summer Plans


   It's been a while since I wrote. My apologies. Things are crazy busy with getting the album together, as well as applying to festivals this summer. It's been a long process, but putting out our album as been a real learning experience and I'm very happy to have done it.

  As you may know, our album launch date is Friday, March 13th, and we'll be throwing a big party at Upstairs Jazz Club. We'll be playing tunes off the new album, and even a couple new ones that we wrote since going into the studio.

  If you're planning to go then it's a good idea to call Upstairs (514-931-6808) to reserve a seat in advance (or two ;) ). CD's will be sold for half price at the show as well. It's gonna be a blast!

   As for the festivals-thingy. The deadlines have just closed and all applications have been sent in. It's our first time applying to them, but we hope to get into enough to be able to do an Eastern Canadian tour this summer. So stay tuned and visit our website ( for updates on our summer plans.

   Thanks for listening, and don't be afraid to drop me a line.