A very merry Xmas

Dec. 26, 2013   
I hope you all had a fantastic time with family, friends & loved ones. I personally had a great christmas, staying with my girlfriend's parents for two days and drinking, eating, and not sleeping myself into a pleasant christmas stupor. It was actually quite lovely. They also have 6 or 7 cats living with them, which only reaffirmed my love for cats.

   Ontobandnews. Newsbouthteband......

  We've secured 2 regular gigs at established venues in Montreal.

  #1 - Weekly Jazz Party! We'll be playing every Sunday night at the infamous Cabaret Playhouse in the Mile End. Drink specials, free entry, and good moosic. what more can you ask for?

  #2 - Bi-weekly gig at l'Escalier. Again, cheap drinks, (really) good food, and free entry.

 Come check out these gigs, and support live music. You won't be disappointed........

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