Happy Summer!

   I wanted to let you know about some exciting concerts we will be playing this summer, as well as give you a recap on the amazing Charlie Haden concert we put on in June.

  First of all, we're excited to be returning to the House Of Jazz next Tuesday, July 22nd. Not only are we excited to play there again, but we'll be having special guest Jay Sherwood swoon & croon us with his sultry voice.

We'll also be playing at HOJ on Saturday, August 16th. Word has it that a secret mystery guest will be showing up to play some tunes ;-)

Now a concert recap:

  On Monday June 9th we presented a night of Charlie Haden's music @ Resonance Cafe. Not only was the night special because of the great music we were presenting, but also because of the people who played with us that night.

Joining us for this very special evening were some very special guests:
Gary Schwartz - Guitar
Al McLean - Alto Sax
Sage Reynolds - Bass

Taylor Donaldson - Trombone
Alex Truelove - Trombone

Regular group members:
Dalhi Gonthier - Tenor Sax
Joe Ferracuti - Piano
Julien Sandiford - Acoustic Guitar
Brandon Goodwin - Drums

The night, to say the least, was a success on so many levels.

  First of all, the music came out better than I could have ever hoped. Not only did each member perform at a high level, but we breathed as a unit. In the words of special guest Gary Schwartz, "There was some voodoo shit going on".

Secondly, the people who showed up came to listen. There were times when you could hear the audience holding their breath, you could hear the silence in the music.

Thirdly, our resident soundman Perry Pilloy did an outstanding job of recording the entire night. We are currently in the process of mixing and mastering the concert, which will soon be available for your listeining pleasure on our Soundcloud site (www.Soundcloud.com/brandonsbees). 

  The final point about this concert is a bitter sweet one. Sadly this past Friday, July 11, 2014, Mr. Charlie Haden took his last breath on this earth. This is a tragic loss, not only for the international Jazz community, but to the international music community at large. Charlie Haden has been a source of inspiration to countless musicians around the world. His musical, as well his political, voice will resonate for a long time to come. Thank you Mr. Haden for showing us beauty through music.

 B. Good.

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