Fall Fun

Hi there,

   Just wanted to say hello and to let you know a couple of exciting things going on with us right now, in a perfectly ordered list.

#2 - We've released our album on SoundCloud! You can now stream the entire album for free at:

#4 - Our next show is on Saturday, October 17th at Cafe Resonance. We'll be playing the early set, from 6-8:30pm.

#1 - We're on Spotify! If you've never heard of Spotify it's a streaming service that pays the musicians a little bit of money (and I mean a LITTLE bit). Hey at least we're getting paid!

#3 - We're beginning to get some airplay across Canada. If you know of a local radio station that might be interested in what we do then please hit reply and let me know about it and I'll send them a radio package. Any person who refers us to a station that we get airtime on will get a free CD!

  That's all for now. Thanks for supporting our group, and have a nice day.

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