Indiegogo Progress


   We've had overwhelming support so far, and I'd like to thank anyone who has contributed to our campaign. In the first three days we've raised over $1000, and this afternoon I will be helping someone with their Paypal payment and we will be surpassing 1/3 of our goal in 3 days! We even had someone from the UK buy something!

  We've also had over 140 shares on Facebook. Of course, I admit to sharing the event at least two dozen times, but thanks to everyone else for sharing :-)

  It's been a lot of fun, and we are excited to have this music ready for you very soon. We'll be going back into the studio next Wednesday to finish mixing, and then once it's mastered we'll send it off for duplication. I just spoke with the duplication company yesterday and they are confident that you will receive your CDs before Christmas. As long as they don't get backed up with orders they'll have it back to me around Dec. 15th and I'll ship them off with 10 days to go. So keep your fingers crossed. People who live in Montreal, or in towns where the group members are from (Ottawa, Haliburton, Kelowna etc...), we can deliver the CDs in person so you will definitely get them on time.

   If you haven't seen our awesome bumper sticker that is available in the campaign then checkout our online store for the pic.

If you wish to contribute, share or check out the campaign, click the icon below:
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We also have a campaign update embedded onto our website, so you can check back to our website from time to time as well.

  That's all for now!

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