Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

Okay, now that I've got your attention I'd like to give a bit of an update on the Indiegogo progress, the album cover, the predicted arrival time of your pre-ordered CD, the official release date of the album, the CD…Read more

The Album Artwork is out!!!!

Hey there!

   Just wanted to let you know that the album artwork has finally been released! Done by the incredible Deepti Suddul, she's taking album artwork to a whole new level. Check out our Indiegogo campaign, or Deepti's blog posting,…

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We're halfway there!

I'm happy to say that our Indiegogo campaign has been going very well. On day 12 we broke 50% (44% from the campaign campaign plus two private donations) amd we're still plowing our way to our goal. With 18 days…Read more

Indiegogo Progress


   We've had overwhelming support so far, and I'd like to thank anyone who has contributed to our campaign. In the first three days we've raised over $1000, and this afternoon I will be helping someone with their Paypal … Read more

Indiegogo Album Fundraising Campaign

Hi there,

   I wanted to give you some news on our Indiegogo campaign which starts this coming Monday! As of this Monday, our as-yet-untitled EP will be available for pre-order! The service will be open for 33 days, and will…Read more

October musings (part 2)

This month will probably go down as one of the busiest months of my entire life. As usual, October is passing by unusually quickly. I've noticed since the age 11 that, out of all the months, October passes by the…Read more

October musings


   Have you been outside? The weather is fantastic! Not only is it hot & sunny, but it's NOT humid. A rare treat in this neck of the woods.

   This past Tuesday we made our debut at the new House…Read more

August 2014 Update

  I hope you had a fantastic summer. We sure did. It was full of gigs, camping, biking, and touring. I don't mean we did those things together, well some of them....

  We'll be playing two pretty cool gigs in September…Read more


  Happy Summer!

   I wanted to let you know about some exciting concerts we will be playing this summer, as well as give you a recap on the amazing Charlie Haden concert we put on in June.

  First of all, we're …Read more

Final points before summer

  Hello hello!

   I wanted to let you know about an exciting concert we will be playing one week from today. You may have seen it on our website calendar, but I thought I'd email you as a friendly reminder ;-). …Read more

Many things in the works.....

So, (as the title suggests), we've got many things in the works.

#1 - Next Friday, May 2nd, we will be re-launching our Jazz Party at a new location, Studio Backstage. As usual, the party will be recorded, and live…Read more


We're very happy to announce that we are the recent recipients of a FACTOR grant. With this help from FACTOR we'll be able to lay down some quality tracks for you all to enjoy. Stay tuned!