1. Liberté

From the recording Kanata

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4th Movement of Kanata Suite
Composed by: Brandon Goodwin
Key: F# Major
Time Signature: 4/4
Feel: Latin Swing

Masashi Usui - Tenor Saxophone
Joe Ferracuti - Piano
Brandon Goodwin - Drums

Writing this piece was probably the easiest time I’ve ever had composing. I sat with down with a rough idea of what I wanted and it came together instantly. It’s a simple tune that allows the musicians the freedom to take the piece wherever they wish. The piece is dedicated to the people of Canada. It’s my wish for each person in this country to become a free-thinking, unique human being, who is able to live a life of their choosing.
The piece begins with Joe playing a vamp on F#7sus, which the bass and drums soon join in on. Guitar and saxophone play the melody in unison, with Masashi playing tasteful embellishments to the melody.
The A sections of the piece contains a single chord (F#7sus) and a repeated vamp. The B section moves to Eb6/9 which is played over an implied metric modulation of dotted quarter notes.
The piece ends with Brandon taking a drum solo over a 15 beat rhythm section vamp, which is based off of the rhythmic figures to the melody of one of Joe’s tunes. Which tune is it based off of?

The fourth and final movement of the suite is a meditative vamp that revolves mostly around a single chord, and that, like Pipeline Blues, has a simple whole note-based melody. Masashi and Joe both tell incredibly well thought out, meaningful solos, both begin with simple ideas before expanding into more sophisticated endeavours.